Theme Tool CLI

The Pagedip Theme Tool CLI is used to run all commands. After installing globally, you can run it like this:

pagedip-theme [command] <options>

You can also use the shorthand command pdt:

pagedip-theme [command] <options>



Builds and uploads your theme to Pagedip.


Destroys a published theme on Pagedip.


Creates a new theme directory at name.


--apiUrl, -a

Pagedip API url

--username, -u

Your user name.

--password, -p

Your password.

--owner, -o

The owner of the theme or Pagedip to publish to.

--handle, -h

The theme's handle. Required if you are publishing to theme.

--pagedip, -p

The handle of the Pagedip to publish to. Providing a Pagedip will publish the theme directly to the Pagedip rather than publishing to a theme.

--token, -t

Authentication token, may be used in place of username and password.


If you have a token value set in your configuration, you can use --no-token to prevent Pagedip Theme Tool from sending the token, allowing you to use alternate authentication.


Theme tool configuration file to read from.


Runs the publishing process without actually publishing to make sure everything works as planned.

--watch, -w

Watch for file changes.


Choose which port to run the local theme server on.

--help, -h

View help.

--version, -v

Displays the currently installed version of Pagedip Theme Tool.