The Pagedip Theme Tool is used to publish themes.

pagedip-theme publish <options>

Publish as a Theme or Directly to a Pagedip? 🤔

If you publish as a theme, it will become available in the Pagedip Writeroom to all users who have access to the account that the theme is published to. Publishing as a theme is the best option when you want the theme to be available for multiple Pagedips or available to multiple users.

Publishing directly to a Pagedip is the best option when the theme is being built specifically for one Pagedip. The theme will not become available in the theme chooser's list.

Publishing as a Theme

To publish to a theme, include --handle with the theme's handle:

pagedip-theme publish \
--apiUrl \
--handle theme-handle

Note: After re-publishing a theme, any Pagedips that want the updated changes will need to have the theme re-selected and updated.

Publishing Directly to a Pagedip

To publish directly to a Pagedip, include --pagedip and the Pagedip's handle:

$ pagedip-theme publish --apiUrl --pagedip pagedip-handle

Publish Options

--apiUrl, -a

The Pagedip API's URL. This is required. If not providing an authentication token, be sure to include your credentials.

pdt publish --apiUrl

--owner, -o

The owner of the theme or Pagedip to publish to. Defaults to the user's credentials that you are authenticated with. This is only necessary if you want to publish to a different user from which you signed into the API with.

--handle, -h

The theme's handle. Required if you are publishing to theme.

--pagedip, -p

The handle of the Pagedip to publish to. Providing a Pagedip will publish the theme directly to the Pagedip rather than publishing to a theme.

--token, -t

An authentication token, can be used in place of username and password.